SSC CGL 2020-2021 Important topics for English Grammar and Composition.

Hey aspirants today we are going to discuss the important topics for SSC CGL 2020-2021 Examination, But before starting let me tell one thing that this is an overall section of English and it’s not possible for SSC to add questions from each section to the examination. So it might be possible that any section may not be available in any shift of examination and in other it’s being appeared. So I request you to cover each and every section so that you will never miss any section in the examination.

            As per my experience I can state that SSC repeats questions very frequently and a few new questions are added every year to the examination. So it will be better for a student to cover the whole syllabus first and then try to solve all the previous sets in small duration of time. It will be better that while completing the whole syllabus of grammar student must remember the vocabulary also because it is also an important section and one can never ignore that too.



Syntax or Subject Verb Agreement

(I). Compound Subject (II). Inversion

Noun and Classification

(I). Kinds (II). Types (III). Faces Of Nouns


(I). One (II). Possessive Determiner and Pronoun (III). Reflexive (IV). Nominative and Objective (V). Relative and Others

Adjective Qualifiers and Determiners 

(I). All Forms Of Adjectives

(II). Placement of Adjectives

Sentence and Question Tag

Superfluous and Redundant

Modals, Auxiliary and Conditionals

Time and Tenses

Verb Concept and all Kinds

 (I).Regular and irregular Verb / Non Finite Verb (II). Infinitive (III). Gerund (IV). Participle 


(I). Active Passive - Voice

(II). Direct Indirect – Narration

Adverb Concept

(I). Forms Of Adverb (II).Placement Of Adverb

Determiners and Derivatives

(I). Article – Omission and Inclusion 

(II). Placement Of Words and


(I). Prepositions

(II). Conjunctions

Special Grammar Rules and Compositions based on Uses and Part on Accidence

The marks distribution is based on approximation value which may vary in
 examination. So please don’t judge it as hard and fast rule by SSC that the scheme will be identical in Examination also.  It might be possible that question may be more or less from any section.


S. No.

Important English Language Topics

Marks Allocation








Idioms and Phrases



One Word Substitution



Sentence Improvement



Spotting Errors






Spelling Test



Reading Comprehension



Active/ Passive Voice of Verbs



Conversion into Direct/ Indirect narration



Sentence Arrangement PQRS



Cloze Passage



Fill in the Blanks


Please consider that you can’t complete the whole syllabus in 90 days or 120 days because there are four sections for which you have to prepare for, you will need approx six months to start from scratch.

The First is reasoning section for this just practice previous and that will help you simply buy previous paper from stores near you and just make 100 sets miscellaneous exercise at least five to six times to score good marks in SSC examination.

The Second is General Studies section which is the largest section having 14-16 different papers which almost weightage to 1-2 marks each from each. Sometimes SSC skips also a few sections to maintain the balance and quality of marks. So please complete all section accordingly. Always start from interesting section first or in my opinion follow the give plan.

Science > Biology > Physics > Chemistry > Arts > History > Geography > Civics > Economics > Current Affairs

The third is Mathematics section comes which is easy only if you are doing good practice. You ae requested to solve at least 100 question per day less than that won’t work for you. I suggest you to do 50 in starting and increase them to 100 within 15 days because the more you practice the more you will get advantage from the chapter.

Follow Arithmetic’s first then go for advanced section then Statistics.  

English section which is least easy but here you too will need a little guidance because without that you can’t pass the second stage of examination.

Do and Don’ts for the SSC Examination

#1. Do Read News Paper Everyday (45-60 Minutes)

#2. Do Study Grammar 2-3 pages from relevant books for SSC.

#3. Must Buy previous year paper from online and try to solve them (5 years previous is recommended).

#4. Don’t follow other Books as CAT MAT for Improving English for SSC even don’t go for books for banking Examination.

#5. Don’t follow many books or many YouTube channel owning to this you will get multiple strategy and nothing will work for you in last.

#6. Don’t revise sets older than five years because the contents have upgraded much in the 5 years.

#7. Make a good study plan that suits your day and don’t follow others plan because everyone has own strategy and you must build your own.

#8. Consistency in reading and solving question is most important so make such plan that in one day you are giving 5-6 hour to your study.

#9. Don’t nomad here and there before 90 days of exam because that will destroy your whole plant of examination.

#10. Last but not least “take good sleep if you are preparing for SSC else your mind won’t work as it is made for working. You will start forgetting things after a week or more.

I am taking SSC Examination Since 2015 and cracked it every time but in final merit list I am not selected so I have much experience about the examination. I am also a teacher of English so I can guide you better for SSC so you can trust me also. If you have any question or you need any support then please DM me direct on my WhatsApp number that is given in about section of my website.

 The Full Video is on my YouTube Channel 'Nix The Tricks' where you can watch it and ask any question or suggestion for taking the examination.



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