You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

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Where you have lost yourself, in
which memories you are living. Come close my beloved, but she had gone away.
The dreams are weaved and the plant of love has left its soul for getting a new life.
Who will come and who will go we can definitely don't ever know.

Opssss.... Why my stories are going wrong, why I am deserted. I am alive with a beloved and still writing with messy words. Ok, no way new life started so stories will be new. Again playing with love and making stories for the life which i am living every day.

Friday, August 4, 2017

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Tumhara dukh hum seh nahi sakte,
Bhari mehfil mein kuch keh nahi
Hamare girte hue aansuo ko pad kar
Woh bhi kehte hai ke hum aapke
bin reh nahi sakte…

Kehte hai pyaar ki seema nahi hoti
Yeh toh dhoka hai jo sab kehte hai
Pyaar ki seema honi chaiye
Taki koi dil kisi aur dil ka na ho

Tanhaiyon mein muskurana ishq
Ek baat ko sab se chhupana ishq
Yun to neend nahi aati hamein raat
Magar sote sote jagna or jagte jagte
sona hi ishq hai…

Paiya tumiko to hum ko laga tumko
kho diya,
hum dil pe roye aur   dil hum pe
ro diya.
Kyo eske fansle hume manjur ho
kitne huye karib ke hum door ho

Chand ki judai me aasma bhi tadap
Uskiek zhalak pane ko har sitara
taras gaya
Badal ke Dard ko kya kahoo
Chand ki yaad me vo haste haste
baras gaya…

Khubsurat sa ek pal kissa banjata
Jane kab kaun zindagi ka hissa
banjata hai,
Kuch log zindagi me milte hain aise,
Jinse kabhi na tutnewala rishta
banjata hai…

Friday, April 28, 2017

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An Innovation can change a life but only if you are backed up with the financially strong person. I am sure that my innovation may bring a drastic change but I am sure that I will help thousands if I will be on top.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Its possible spring is possible, i knew it was destinated. Its possible to fulfil your desire and wishes in such a way love has paid off and all the desires fulfilled The sky got generous and the land started singing.
You are always with me, just be with me ever and forever it is because there is no one so beautiful as you.
The one whose all the traits are liked by me, there is no one but you !!!
Accept my heart and my feeling that is for you and the heart that beats for you. Today be in love again with me again feel the sensation of my love once again and come close to me and feel the beauty of love.
Close your eye and feel the fragrance of love that i am feeling in air, the one whose all the traits are loved my rain. The feeling of love is immortal again and it is only because you are with me. I am feeling as it is the breath, beat and a sensual feeling that i feel when ever i close my eye and thinks of you. I know its the feeling of season that is spring and the rain. But i dont know how it came either its naturally or the feeling of love had pretended me to think of this.
Anyway i am always in love and ever in love, its because i have ever loved myself.