You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Not getting any theme of life, anyway the topic for this month is on angel, that tends to come in my dream every night. I dont even know her name i dont even understand from where she comes and where she disappears as i tries to look into her. Each moment when i think of her i feel i am in her soul. Thinking of her is similar to thinking of my day of future and past.
Now i can't say that she is and will be the part of my future but i am sure that those dreams that neal had seen that will come true later or before. Dreams are actually my life lines and it helps me in living my life. i really feel outstanding when i goes to sleep. My dreams have always helped me in making aims and having an amazing feeling of future amd the past.

Few lines for people having pain in his/her relationship.

It was just a mistake of a moment, now that had created no way to the destiny. How can i search her whom i have lost somewhere in my past. How can i bring her back, whom i bring close but i missed her forever. I know that was really a mistake of a moment. Breathing never pretends you to be alive but its making me lifeless everyday.
I can come close to you but someone else is preventing me to come to your close. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

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Dreams, whether its small or big, dreams are dreams. Everyday new morning wakes me up and says "neal you are still rendering inside your fantasy life". Really she tells perfect because i am man with lots of dreams and desire. Everyday i evolve a new life and always tries to make them come true. Really its better to be in dreams rather than living in a original life.
Its the story of a girl who always wants to in love with the Mr Perfect one. Actually he was not the perfect man, she really worked hard to shape him. It was a day of december when he was going to study somewhere with his friends. Its was really so chill days as the temperature was showing 12 degree in his mobile screen. The droplets were on his screen as the december has made his life colourful as the screen was showing. Seven colours has started engendered in his life from the december. Anyway going and coming to one place has made him so familiar and accustomed to the street.
She is as the crescent of moon, when i gaze her, her smile makes my life as i am on cloud nine. No need to ssearcha new life. I have she so i need only myself. I know moon never stays as it is on full moon day but she is my moon with many faces.
I love her like i never had before. Your world is always waiting for you, the world of your life me me. Always be found of....... 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Sometimes we search someone who really exist somewhere in this world. The one who is the one. Someone anyway Who was he? He was just one among hundreds. There wasn’t anything distinguishing or mighty about him – he was good-looking all right but it was the kind of good looks that stands out at first and then fades into the background after a while; as if it had been there for all eternity. In short, he was an ordinary boy leading an ordinary life. He wasn’t popular among his peers except maybe for his first few days at school which was one month after term began. He knew everyone and everybody knew him and that was that. After all, what was one boy among so many others?
Who was he? He was a quaint black and white photograph. A ready smile, a pair of deep searching eyes, a mop of messy hair and to complete the picture you needed an easel with a canvas on it near him, a palette in his left hand and a paintbrush in the right. No one knew much about his likes or dislikes and frankly no one bothered to ask. But one thing about which everyone was on the same page was that he was born to paint. He wouldn’t be complete without the – preferably – green streak of paint which his hand leaves in its wake in a futile attempt to get the tumbling mass of dark bangs out of his eyes. It could be 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.; you wouldn’t find him without paint spread randomly on his hands, smudges of colors on his face or dried smears on his sleeves and patches on his jeans. It was an irrevocable part of him. The sagacious aura about him and the contrasting impertinence profound in his ever smiling face vanishes the moment he gets a paint brush in his hands. His countenance radiated magnanimity and unbelievable passion when he painted.
It was a marvel – the indescribable grace with which his hand flew across the canvas, the deft stroke of his hands, true and sure against the stark contrast of white in the backdrop. It was with the utmost confidence that he painted the bold reds and the pale pinks, warm yellows and cool blues, calm greens and vibrant purples… Upon closer inspection you can appreciate the sharp details and the accurate strokes, appropriate shading and expert shadows. Some of his paintings were fairly straight forward- blooming flowers, crashing waves, looming mountains and towering skyscrapers. Some were more allegory – a haze of colors, the meaning of which was oblivious to all except him. They were all beautiful in their own separate ways and the adoring way in which his lips wrapped tenderly around the usually silly names of his masterpieces and the rhapsodical glow in his dark chocolate orbs as he looked at them only added to their charm.
He was neither a fiend nor a best friend to one. He was simply meant to be. With a character that was smooth and warm and capable of easily familiarizing with the personality of his acquaintance. Never was he judgemental  He was a constant friend; Like a diary. You don’t hate him nor do you love him but essentially he is there by your side. What else could be the reason he was never appreciated duly for what he was worth? It was almost like he was meant to be; something naturally there.
Even still, when all of a sudden he barged into the class one boring English period and announced that he would be leaving, it was met by apathetic shrugs which were too mild. On his part, he too seemed indifferent except for the strange emotion shining through the hard pool of placidity in his eyes and the absence of his signature whimsical smile which usually graced his lips. The deadline came and he left with a wave of his hand, a grin in our direction and a slight inclination of his head to acknowledge our lazy goodbyes. But again his façade was undoubtedly marred by that eerie light behind his eyes.
Days flew by with no perceivable change and then the rifle was reported triggering the beginning of a saga of confusion. He became a seat left out in the conference room by a – later, very bewildered- classmate, an extra question paper at every exam, an awaited disgruntled groan when art class was cancelled, a subtle glance at a vacant seat when the teacher spoke about medieval arts, an additional mars bar at every birthday, an irrelevant invitation to every party. It was all inevitable.
That was when we learned the truth of the words: we don’t know what we have until we lose it. Like many unfortunates, it was too late for us; Too late to say sorry for all the times you knocked over his paint, thank you for the paint stained helping hand which seemed to appear magically in front of you when you tripped during gym, a nod of acceptance or perhaps even a reply to every routine good mornings, a heartfelt congratulation as he walks back to his place amidst admiring albeit also lukewarm applause after being announced the winner of a painting contest for the umpteenth time.
Who was he? A pang in the heart when you skip his name during attendance, a tear in the eye when you see your school album, a smirk on the lips when you reminisce about the all jokes you played on the teachers, a confused sweep of the head when you try to seek him out to ask- as was routine – his calculus exam marks, a droop of the shoulder when you realize you won’t be playing soccer with him anymore, a soft feeling in your soul when you see a painting.
A phone call with no answer, that ends in a beep, a message with no reply even at the end of many a week, a mail with no response no matter how long you wait. A foggy picture constantly at the back of your mind.
Who was he? Oh, he was just a boy. The last piece of the puzzle. He was a part of us.

Monday, March 31, 2014

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मुझे आज भी वो शाम याद है जिस शाम मै शायद बहुत खुश थी,क्योंकि मै उस शाम को कुछ खास महसूस कर रही थी. मै खुद को उस दिन सबसे खास महसूस कर रही थी. ऐसा लग रहा था मनो ज़माने की सारी खुशी मुझे ही मिल गए हो, उस शाम जैसे मुझे प्रकृति सबसे खुबसूरत दिख राइ थी, ऐसा लग रहा था मनो वो मुझसे कुछ कहना चाहती हो.
ऐसा लग रहा था जैसे वो शाम भी मेरे एहसास को महसूस करना चाह रहा था, वो हवा का चलना मेरे बदन को छुना ऐसा लगता था मनो वो भी कुछ कहना चाह रही हो मुझसे. वो हवा के साथ आसमान में बादल का आना और साथ में रिमझिम बारिश का लाना और बारिश की बूंदों का मेरे बदन को छुना वो भी ये एहसास करा रही थी की वो मुझसे कुछ कहना चाह रही हो....
वो हवा की बयार का पेड़ के पत्तो को हिलाना यह एहसास दिला रहा था की वो भी मुझसे कुछ कहना चाह रही हो, तभी कोयल का पत्तो की झुरमुट से कूकना ऐसा महसूस करा राइ थी की वो मेरे लिए कोई गीत गुनगुना रही हो.
आसमान में पंछियों का उड़ना ऐसा एहसास करा राइ थी जैसे वो मुझसे कुछ कहना चाह रही हो.
वो हवा का मेरे बदन को छु कर जाना ....
वो रिमझिम बारिश का आना...
उन् बूंदों का मेरे बदन को छु जाना...
बयार का पत्तों को झूमना...
फूलो की खुसबू का मेरे रोम रोम में बास जाना...
यु कोएल का गुनगुना...
परिंदों का आसमान में उड़ना...
उस पल मैंने इन् सारी चीजों को एक साथ महसूस किया और मैंने प्रकृति से पूछा "मै ऐसा क्यों महसूस कर रही हु, मुझे दुनिया इतनी खूबसूरत क्यों लग रही है, तभी मेरी कानो में किसी ने कहा.....
                     YOU ARE IN LOVE
किसी ने शायद सही कहा है प्यार का एहसास शायद दुनिया में सबसे अच्छा होता है, अच्छे यादें और एहसास को हमेशा संजोग कर रखना चाहिए. शायद कल ना आए..... अच्छी उम्मीदों के साथ          

Friday, February 14, 2014

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Love in an incredible gift of god, everyone is not though lucky to get it. Being in relation is not a big deal, but maintaining this really matters. Everyone can have an awesome beloved, wife, sister, friend or girlfriend. But its fully dependent on the man to maintain it. Love is a part of life and no one can get away from this in any circumstances. There is no cause for which a human loves the other one but its just a feeling that arises in his/her heart. There is no projection in some relation which are made by us, always remember never tare love or feelings because a person never likes the other one with boundaries or limitation. 

Today i will state this to everyone that always be happy whether you are with or without your loved one, because her happiness lies in your happiness. Never leave her alone or let her feel alone whether you are with or without her. Because her loneliness may bring distance between your relation. Never let her cry because crying person bifurcate one day and goes away. I am well known to this this that little fight and anger comes when there are two people but always learn to handle the situation. Because every person have only one earthen lamp with whom he/she is found to live with. Never let the lamp blown off, even though its high wind.
With Be Fond Of . . .
Wishing you a happy valentine day everyday.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Let's miss you only because I love to lose myself in you. Every time when you comes to me and go away. I start waiting for you. Today I was feeling just like heaven only because you were with me. Today the morning came very early, usually, the morning comes after the sun wakes but today I was before the sun. Today again morning started from you and I know it will end with you. Living alone with you is just like being in heaven, I was waiting for this time from a long time and lastly, it came. I don't even know that when this day will come again but i loved what happens today. Each moment was amazing because i was living with you. I will never forget this day because I have got a lifetime tatoo in my hand. Anyway its really not good because I have told you not to hurt yourself as you did today.
Really life is so amazing if you deserve something you will never get it on that instant,
life will examine you very badly, you will have to cross the limit until you get it.

" I do not mind Spending every day
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile. "

Its well said that no one has control over his feeling and desire but sometimes we have to take decision according to situation and moment. You have come in my life just like a kindle and it had made my life lighten. I am feeling it every morning. Let's feel it together, today, tomorrow and forever.
May the feeling live long.