You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Monday, December 30, 2013

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Love is the feeling that you have for yourself and it does not include sex. But sometime situation varies sometimes sex becomes the part of love, its only because the presence of love is then even in sex. I have seen peoples running away from love but at last what happens its well known to everyone. Even Though running away is worthless because love is part of life you can never get away from it. There are people who are afraid to fall in love as they don't want to get hurt but can you control yourself when the cupids bow hits you? There’s a little space between love and hatred as when you fall in love beside it are pain, tears, suffering that results with hatred. Though i don't generalize it as there are people who will understand and respect the person when they decide to move out of the relationship and they just let their love to the person controls over hatred. Being in love will let you feel that your on the happiest and loneliest moment of your life.
There’s no perfect relationship. It will definitely have a point that you feel that your relationship will crash and that you can’t make it work but then there will be times that you felt your flying or your in heaven being with your love, seeing him/her beside you, seeing how happy she is with you, feeling the love and care their sharing with you. People tend to see their love one’s as their inspiration, as the breath that they take, as their lives, and some will tell that they can't live without them. But can’t you really live without them? I don’t think so! you have lived without them when you haven’t met them or share the special relationship you have with each other and you can do that now that their not around. Your just putting it on your mind and let depression controls you that's why you can’t move on. I do understand that you love the person but you must love more yourself. Life doesn’t end when something like this happened. Heartbreaks are part of life. This are trials or problems that you will encounter for you to learn something. A relationship doesn’t begin and end for nothing. When you fall in love you’ll be happy, enjoy it while its there. Hold it like a baby, hold it like your holding a gold, hold it carefully but not too tight as when you do it will do everything and shows you effort to be free from hold just like the little baby who will cry out loud for you to know that she is irritated from your hold. So hold it gently as you care and you don’t want them to slip away from you hands.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Sitting in my window watching the arrival of black clouds in evening. I am amazed because i really don't even know that from where is he is coming. Its looking some times like black smog rendering in sky and finding something to make his own. Anyway these are clouds who is searching for her rain. He has came from a long journey and brought some water for her beloved. At last he has reached his destination which was miles away from him. Anyway his patience has given him a fruitful gift. He has lastly arrived. Anyway it was the experience which i had that evening with her.
It was approx evening when my phone started ringing and there was smile over my face because it was her call, she greet me for the weather. I was happy because she was feeling so happy. And she asked me that "kash avi tum mere paas hote toh kitna accha rehta" it was her wish, and i love to fulfill her wish because she is my dream queen. I can do anything for her. So i changed my cloth and came out from my home and rushed towards her house. It was 7.25 pm in my clock when i reached near to her house. She was standing in her balcony holding her cell phone in her and hand and the rainwater was sprinkling over my face. As i remember she was wearing a purple suit and her hair was opened. i was partially wet and shivering because it was the second evening after the durga puja. I was standing under the tree and water was falling on me with large shaped drops. Then the called me and i picked up my phone and told "hello". Then her reply was "I LOVE YOU" i was having big smile over my face and i told her her to come down her stairs and then i reached near to her house. I was now half wet because the whole scene was of twenty minutes and now she come close to me and told "Neal you are looking so good" i was in smile and now i hugged her so tight. Now i was feeling her heartbeat because she was so closed to me. I continued hugged her for  five to seven minutes. Instantly she told "You are wet" you will have fever because i was shivering very badly. I an still confused whether that shivering my due to weather or my rain. Anyway we were under the tree which was now poring larger drops and now she was partial wet due to me, her face was full of drops and the flate of hair was in wet so she was looking just awesome. Then i took her
hairlock and forward it over her ears. Now she was a little shamed and her eye was full of love. Then i kisses had oh her lips and and told that i will have to go my home because its going to be night and i will also become ill if i will not go home on time. When i was retuning then she hold my hand from back and told "No, please dont go". Then i smiled and told her that i will never go anywhere because you are my rain and i am your sky. Then she again hugged me so tight and told me to go. Now i saw a white flower on the tree and i plucked it and i put it inside her hair lock. She was so happy because of the moment which we spent together. The had a kiss on my forehead as she love it doing with me and her eyes allowed me to go from her house to my home. While returning i was having lots of beautiful memory and i was i love again with her.
So love be in love with you. Love you.....Rain

Monday, September 30, 2013

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I have seen many seasons in my life but this season is the most beautiful i have ever felt, this spring has came with lots of happiness and love in my life. May be for which season i was waiting that has lastly came. Someone has well said said that the season of love and spring are same each other. As lots of flower blooms in nature and the beauty of nature is unexplainable the same my life is as i have ornated with the beauty and fragrance of love. Long ago i was waiting each autumn passed and the winter came but i was always missing the spring. But love says to have patience and total intention of getting it otherwise you may miss each and every season. The seasons were passing as the winter came and it gave me a feeling of shivering, then the summer came it touched my soul and the rain came which made me wet but the autumn never came as she was angry with me. Every year i was waiting but she never came.
One day when my expectancy was going to be end then she she come from by back hag hugged me as i have never expected in my life, i was surprised as my dreams were coming true. Then she come from my frontage and hugged me, i was also waiting for her so i also hugged her and some tears rolled down on my cheek. Then she asked "why are you crying i have came to you and brought lots of love for which you are still waiting. I have seen your patience and lastly i thought that i was doing injustice with him so i break my enactment and came to you to make you complete. My love i was also waiting for you from the time i also don't know. Every spring was worth without you i was loosing my beauty and grace. The gloom and bloom were missing everywhere and the fragrance of love was wanting away. I was feeling alone my life was going to be solite so i came i came to you please hug me more tight that i was missing ever. Please love me as i ever need, never go away and be for me ever.
Lastly spring came and that made me fall in love i cant never forger last spring till the end of live. Love to be in love with you.

Friday, August 30, 2013

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There is no limit no boundation and no prediction in a relation. It is as the flow of water which always flows from ups to down. Some relation which starts from a friendship and it changes into a deep relation without which the survival is really impossible. My opinion says that even a small bound can be converted into a special in-frangible relation. There may be many odds and evens regarding the relation but it is really incomprehensible and inexplicable topic. As i have experienced from my life it is just like a thunderstorm before whose arrival the nature becomes so calm and silent but after the time when the storm comes it wipes out all the area which much be possible to ruin. So it is most important to maintain a relation. I know there are lots of need and demand in a relation but it doesn't matters how much you can full fill the needs but if you are not capable then you are not the person who is really perfect for the one with whom you are with. But if you are not capable in fulfilling or desire of the person then you must change your heed and cogitation, though the person loves you so demands you.
Sometimes we have lots of demand from the beloved one and if he/she understands you then he/she we never intermit you. Understand the beloved one really matters for oneself but its only like finding a needle in haystack. Sometimes which seems it doesn't happens. Relation are really an unexpected part of life one should always learn to maintain it otherwise its chance to miss it forever. Maintain a relation doesn't means that you should be with her always or love her alot it means that you must love her care her and give her all the happiness she just need. Sometimes its not possible to live together for every time because there are lots of things to do then at that time everyone should understand the problem, a relation can go to ruin only due to misunderstanding and discrepancy. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Every earth have a moon and he is though happy even they are not closer to each other. Once in the couple of years when the eclips comes they comes closer to each other and it is also for a small period of time  and once again they got a parted from each other in a yearn that they will meet each other once gain after some days or years.
          So in my opinion a a true relation never need any special touch or close feeling. they stays happy even though they are distant away from each other. As same i have also a moon that really looks better than the earth's moon. Her love is more transparent and it never decreases as the moon of earth decreases and increases it love according to the day. Her love remains constant like the day of poornima. Her love and devotion makes myself bath in the shower of light as a man feels on the day of poornima.
                     But someday when the black cloud shades my moon then it is as dream comes true. I think today i will not able to sleep because i have fallen in love once again with my moon. She has seen as she had just born with a new ray and i don't want to miss her today. Looking towards her is just looking with a feeling of adore for the love feeling you sitting under the neem tree of my hours has made me fall in love once again. Today's night will again pass with seeing you over to whole night. Falling you is awesome and feeling alive is just awesome. Though we may be far away from each other this night our thought and heart closely reside just like the moon that shares both skies. Our love transcend both the time and space until we are in the same place. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

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No one can identify the color of water because it is colorless, but when you mixes AZURE in it starts coloring eventually. So change yourself like water and let other be mixed into you.
As i was thinking i am insoluble but now i have realized that true love can mix anything in it.
Thinking you is just like feeling the rain in screaming wind. Your anger love and care has made me feel you every instant from morning to night and night to morning. I have never even thought even in my dreams that i will be in love with you like that i never expected. It just started from a touch and it has now changed into day to day feeling. Sometimes i think in dream but when i feels that you are holding me tight and you head is on my clive then it makes me smiling because it can only be possible when i am feeling you live. I know you are now in front of me but the air that has touched you body and soul has came to me feel you as my life.
Now i am in your soul and you are in my heart and i wish that i will be with you forever. The time i have spent with you has become an un-absolute time of my life and i know that these things can never be replace till my end of life. Wherever you are now, youre just as shadow of me. Wherever i will go you will follow me. I am sure we will be together forever and i have committed that i will be with you till the end of my life. As once i have told that "i will conquer the whole world if you are holding my hand". The bangles which is here is as same you have. I know you wears it sometime and feels me. It is awesome to be in your love. Loving you alot.

Friday, May 3, 2013

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A touch can change your life forever, I have felt that “when a person touches someone with an enormous feeling then the sensibility and deviousness then a feeling interchanges from one hand to another and in other words one soul to another”.
 That feeling can never be explained nor be written but it’s that feeling which you feel once in your life, when you are in love then a first touch may change your life forever.   You will feel it every instant and every moment when you are either alone or among peoples. This feeling may make you smile and people may gaze you thinking that have you gone crazy. But it varies person to person. Seeing someone with closed eyes makes you smile with a little bit coyness. But I never say that everyone feels or have the experience because you may feel these entire situations only if you have been in LOVE or you are in LOVE.
So touching you is just like touching the life, it feels shivering in my hand with fingers pore feeling less and lots of hydration from my hand.  Hears beats as I have seen ground from a ten stored building, breaths stops for a while as I have slipped my earthen urn, and lastly my eyes closes as I am falling from the building. Reaching to ground takes approx. 10 seconds and the time I lives in air was as falling in LOVE.  I know I feel things so naturally so I am so emotional but it had really changed my nature. Sometime being in love is as getting god, I wish to live with her forever in any circumstances. You can understand whom I am naming god. She is you……..                                                                                                                                                                                      

Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Did you know who i am, i am NEAL the color of you life. You know i am always with you holding your hand tight. I know now you are not looking at me, but you are feeling me every instant. The time when you look at sky you looks me, the time when you touch the water you feel me, the time when you feel the air you feel as it has came touching me. Sometime you feels lonely but i request you never live alone, never be upset, never feel yourself that you are alone. Because i am just like fragrance of your life which has emerged inside your breath. 
           As you deep inhale with close eyes, you just feel i am hugging you tight and you have kept your head on my heart and having the life breath. Whenever you annoy from me and looks outward and holding my hand i know you are having a coy smile with false anger. I know you loves me more that me, then also i say i love you more than you loves me. But i fact we love each other more than one another. My RAINY CLOUD is so beautiful when she sprinkles the rain on me i feel i am luckless person of this world. I want to feel the rain, storm, lightning, tornado, waterspout, blizzard forever for my life. As it is Love, Annoy, Anger, Excess love, and Care. Though i am the sky and you are the cloud we must be with us forever. And i wish to be with you forever and ever and i know you will always be with me till the end of our life. I also know you will fulfill my all dreams as they are thousands or millions. My life, soul, feeling, tears and anger all are yours i will always love you like this, never depart from you at any circumstances and i wish you to be same. Feeling you every moment. And loving you so much.

“SKY” is incomplete without the “BLUE”, “BLUE” is incomplete without “RAIN”, “RAIN” is incomplete without “CLOUD” and “CLOUD” is incomplete without “NEAL” and “NEAL” is incomplete without “YOU”.
So i

Thursday, April 18, 2013

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''Love is patient, love is kind. It does not believed in envy; it does not, boast; it is not loud; it is not rude; it is not self-seek-ing; it is not easily angered and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. Love never fails. Love never dies its just like newtons low".
You may feel awkward after reading this but its true, just like this LOVE may happens Twice Thrice and multiple time. Its my thinking and i am proud of myself. Love to be in love.
I am really thankful to nature because it has given me one more time to live the life. I was really incomplete or i was left incomplete because there was someone who was going to come to make me complete. i am really though lucky that i am alive again.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

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A feeling of life, which always transforms from one to another that never dies and becomes immortal.
A person if he is really alive then he can never imagine a life without something which he really need. As I have experienced in my life everyone needs a special thing in his or her life. Sometimes we are just like a cry baby who cries for the toy which is really so brittle. Though he or she knows that that toy will never last for longer time. We grew up from a small child to adolescence and adolescence to young one very rapidly but our heart and brain remains constant. We grew up but we never abounds our childhood. So it will be really worth if you will not read the whole content that i have well known to this thing that a person without feeling can never understand the whole content. You know me very well, and it will be worth for me to explain you about myself. My life was really like a hell before couple of months. I was not living in this world but actually i was surviving my life. In other words I was not complete; something was missing from my life. I was really unknown for all the things. But I was really not expecting those things which really happen in my life. I met someone with a coincidence and found myself closest to :)). Really I am still surprised that whether that was planned by nature or that was really a co incidence. I know I will never get this answer till the end of my life. But it was really unexpected for me. Something was going like a planned story of life. We together know lots of peoples from long period of time but we never came in front together. Our known peoples are similar but we were unknown to each other. But lastly time came when god stopped playing game with us. Got gave us a chance to come close but he kept some vanish able conditions.
Anyway I know when she will not in my life then I will be alone again as I was early. I am really confident about myself that I am not mr perfect who must be in her life but then also I will say that I will be with her forever. Everyone knows that perfection and imperfection are two sides of a coin. Every time we does not get that gift which we actually demands. My dreams are so big and lustrous but every person is not lucky so that he could touch the blue sky with his hands.
                Everyone wants to live with a person who must be loyal, understanding and who really understands you “in my words” Just awesome. But I know I am not that lucky man which is capable to hold her hand forever. I know she is weak at one place but I will always favor her in getting rid out of that. Anyway I am neal kashyap and I can never let her defeated.
शायद तुम्हारी  जीत में ही मेरी जीत है, इसीलिए तो तुम्हे हमेशा जीतने देता हु। तुम्हारे सामने हार इसीलिए जाता हु क्योंकि तुम्हे जीत ता देख महसूस होता ही की मै जीत रहा हु।
If you could understand this then i will be the luckiest person of this world. And i know i am the LUCKIEST.
Think again !!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

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It was an awesome feeling when the blue sky kisses the clouds, hugs tight with closed eyes and that feeling was as i have lastly lost.
Its well said that sometimes when your life changes and you don't even know. Really i am feeling so good. With an awesome smile on my face and looking towards sky and thinking a single thing that how did i get you, when did i get you. There are lots of question which i have to ask from you, but i know that you will not be able to answer because you are my mirror image.
Anyway first feeling can never be faded, i have felt that feeling which is really unexplainable. I really wants to live it once again. She really looks awesome and after the incident that took place i felt that she was looking more beautiful. I am really surprised that how does this happen. Anyway i cant say what happen that time. But now i will say this that no one can took her place and i will wish to god that please let me be with her for ever.
Then also if god have graced on me me then its completely his duty to maintain everything. I dont have any demand from her because she never says "NO" to me. Its only because she loves me a lot. I will ever keep her happy because she understand my need and keeps me happy. She respects me so i will, now no one will complain me that neal why you have changed. Sometimes change is important for human being because it helps you in understanding you. Really i love changes because a small change can eventually change your life for ever.
So Neal Kashyap says

Thursday, February 14, 2013

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________ There are numerous type of peoples living in this world and where as I think each and every people are having a silent dream, which is either unexplained or obscure. Sometimes people glimpse those dream which can never come true. But there are few Lucky person whose dream comes true like seeing real god in live life.
Someone one has well said “a person who keeps patience always remunerated a better gift”. Before the incident took place in my life, I always used to think a single thing that “the relation of true love and life is like sky and earth. Always seems close to each other at the horizon”. And its well said by me _____
                                        Kshitiz pe hamesha ssabhi chiz khatam hi hoti hi………….
As setting of sun places on horizon I always used to think that love is end of life , but it’s a renaissance of life. Whenever you are in love with someone and the beloved is having truelove with you then she has given you a rebirth.

                        I am sorry I don’t have any experience of life but I think the sensation and the feeling of love is like having the worlds beautiful thing in your hand which you will never like to show others.
Sometime something happens very lovely, we really wants to live that instant again and again. But sometime your impatient ness  is better, anyhow things varies at different situation. This time i will be triumphant. Never let you go again.

Neal Kashyap

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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First day of my blog, the editing has not been completed but its on progress. Now peoples will able to find me everywhere. I have created it for my personnel purpose. There is nothing special which is going to be happen here. Just as i am simple my blog is also simple.
A only thing that differs me from other is that i feel everything from my soul and i proud to be what i am.