Chapter #1. Indian Civilization and Culture: Summary

Indian Civilization and Culture: Solution

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Board                   Bihar Board, Patna

Class                    12th (Second Year)
Stream                Science (I.Sc), Arts (I.A.) & Commerce (I.Com)   
Subject                English (100 Marks)  
Book                    Rainbow-XII | Part- II  
Type                     Short Summary of Prose  
Chapter               Prose-1 | Indian Civilization and Culture  
Words                  229 Words  
Publisher            Neal Kashyap  
Price                     Free of Cost  
Script                   Mono Lingual | In English Only

Indian Civilization and Culture: Summary

The essay " Indian Civilization and culture” is written by “Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi”. This is a narrative essay where Gandhi Ji has expressed his thoughts in a conversational manner. In this persuasive essay, he has described the diversity of India. He has expressed the uniqueness of our India and defined it as how Static and unchanged it is from our past. He has also added that our culture is static that it has not changed in past centuries.

Many of the Ancient civilizations like China, Greece, Rome, and Japan has accepted the culture of western and even Europe. Gandhi Ji has further added that Indian Civilization is based on good conduct. Our Civilization tends us to follow the path of duty and uphold moral principles. Our civilization is not dependent on multiplying our needs on demands but teaches us how to restrict them. The main cause due to which our culture cannot be beaten in the world is because we Indians follow the path that our ancestor has made for us.

At last Gandhi Ji has told us that we should not adopt and accept even not to copy or follow the western culture because our culture is based on the worship of work whether western culture is on the worship of materialism. Our culture is the best and every Indian should follow and adhere to it.


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