How to use Between and Among


Use of ‘Between’ and ‘Among’.

Explanation: Between and among are connectors those are separately used in a sentence in the sense of ‘के बिच में


1. ‘Between’ the two        

Between का इस्तेमाल हमेशा दो के बीच होता है

We can say that something is between two people, things, places or groups of things.

Priya was standing between Rashi and Muskan.

A long trench between slander roads.


Between is often used to talk about distances or intervals.

We need two curtains between the walls of our room.

I'll be at the coaching between eight and nine.


Between is common before each.

There seems to be less and less time between two festivals in India.



2. ‘Between’ or ‘among’ more than two

‘Between’ or ‘among’ का इस्तेमाल दो से अधिक के case में कब होगा

We usually say that somebody or something is ‘between’ two people, places or things. We use ‘among’ in a sentence when somebody or something is in a group, a crowd or things which we do not see separately.




Our Coaching is between the school, hospital and church.

Her resort is hidden among the trees.

Neal saw something between the fingers of his hand.

His certificate is somewhere among all these documents.


Among is normal before a singular (uncountable) noun.

Aru found a wallet full of cash among all the debris.



3. Dividing and sharing; difference

We can use dividing or sharing things between or among more than two people place or groups.

Neal divided all his collection between / among his students.

We shared the cleaning job between / among the three of us.


We normally use between after difference.

There is no differences between our cultures.

What is the difference between 'between' and 'among'?


4 'One of' etc

Among can mean 'one of', 'some of' or 'included in'

Among the first to arrive was the owner of coaching.

He has a number of SSC’ians among his friends.



Competitive Note #:

Between का इस्तेमाल हमेशा दो के बीच किआ जाता है

Among का इस्तेमाल हमेशा दो से अधिक के बीच किआ जाता है

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