How to use Besides, Except and Apart From

 Besides, Except, and Apart From

Explanation: We use all Besides, Except and Apart from but theses expression becomes confusing sometimes. They have their meaning in a little complicated way.

हम besides (के अलावा), Except (को छोड़कर) और apart from (से अलग) सभी का उपयोग करते हैं लेकिन कभी-कभी इनकी अभिव्यक्ति भ्रमित कर देती है। उनका अर्थ थोड़ा जटिल तरीके से है।


Competitive Note #1:


Besides usually adds: it is like saying with, or plus (+).

Besides learning English, I'm trying to improve my Russian and German.

Besides being a professional athlete, Neal is also a computer expert.

Besides hanging out with my friends on weekends, I also like to set aside time to spend with my family.


Except subtracts: it is like saying without, or minus (-).

No one was hungry in the boot camp except me.

I enjoyed my last weekend except Sunday evening.

I know almost all the names of animals except for the marine ones.


Apart from can be used in both senses (+) and (-).

I invited all my friends to birthday party apart from Alice (roommate).

Apart from going fishing, I always go hiking in the mountains.

I love all the vegetables apart from cauliflower.


Competitive Note #2:


After no, nobody, nothing and similar negative words, the three expressions

will have the same meaning.


No, nobody, nothing और इसी तरह के नकारात्मक शब्द के बाद का अर्थ सामान होगा।

I have nothing besides / except / apart from knowledge. (= I only have my knowledge.)  

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