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Sunday, June 6, 2021

How to use Besides, Except and Apart from.


Use of ‘Besides’, ‘Except’ and ‘Apart From’.

Explanation: We use all Besides, Except and Apart from but theses expression becomes confusing sometimes. They have their meaning in a little complicated way.

हम besides (के अलावा), Except (को छोड़कर) और apart from (से अलग) सभी का उपयोग करते हैं लेकिन कभी-कभी इनकी अभिव्यक्ति भ्रमित कर देती है। उनका अर्थ थोड़ा जटिल तरीके से है।


Competitive Note #1:


Besides usually adds: it is like saying with, or plus (+).

Besides learning English, I'm trying to improve my Russian and German.

Besides being a professional athlete, Neal is also a computer expert.

Besides hanging out with my friends on weekends, I also like to set aside time to spend with my family.


Except subtracts: it is like saying without, or minus (-).

No one was hungry in the boot camp except me.

I enjoyed my last weekend except Sunday evening.

I know almost all the names of animals except for the marine ones.


Apart from can be used in both senses (+) and (-).

I invited all my friends to birthday party apart from Alice (roommate).

Apart from going fishing, I always go hiking in the mountains.

I love all the vegetables apart from cauliflower.


Competitive Note #2:


After no, nobody, nothing and similar negative words, the three expressions

will have the same meaning.


I have nothing besides / except / apart from knowledge. (= I only have my knowledge.)

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