Chapter #10. My Grand Mothers House- Short Summary in English and Hindi for BSEB

Chapter #10. My Grandmother's House- Short Summary In English and Hindi for BSEB

अगर आप बिहार बोर्ड (BSEB) के Rainbow II की Summary को आसान शब्दों में समझना चाहते है तो आप सही जगह पर आए है यहाँ  मैं आपको परीक्षा के अनुसार शब्दों की limit के अनुसार summary को दिया हूँ जिसे आप नीचे हिंदी में भी समझ सकते है। वैसे आपको परीक्षा में केवल English में लिखना है हिंदी केवल समझने के लिए है। जल्दी ही Full Summary, Question Answer, Multiple Choice Question जल्द ही अपलोड किआ जाएगा। 

Board         Bihar Board, Patna

Class           12th (Second Year)

Stream        Science (I.Sc), Arts (I.A.) & Commerce (I.Com)

Subject       English (100 Marks)

Book           Rainbow-XII | Part- II

Type           Short Summary of Poetry

Chapter      Prose-10 | My Grand Mothers House

Words        English 162 Words and Hindi 182 Words

Publisher     Neal Kashyap

Price           Free of Cost

Script          Bi Lingual | In English and Hindi Only

'My Grand-Mother's House' has been composed by Kamala Das. In this poem, the poetess described her grand-mother far from her house but there is a picture of her and her house in her mind. She says that there will be complete silence and darkness in the house. She thinks that snakes may be moving among the books.

She was so young in her childhood that she could not read those books at that time, and now she can't read them. The poetess wants to go there and have a look from the window. She feels the cold wind and imagines the dog standing behind her bed-room's door. She says that nobody can believe that she used to live in that house, but she is proud of it. She says that she can't receive such love at stranger's door. She loses herself in her own memories. So we can say that she loves her grandmother's house very much and she can't forget it.

ऊपर के Content को मैंने नीचे हिंदी में आपके समझने के लिए लिखा है जिस से की आप आसन भाषा में Short Summary को समझ सकें और याद भी कर सके।

'My Grand-Mother's House' को कमला दास ने कंपोज किया है। इस कविता में कवयित्री ने अपनी दादी को अपने घर से बहुत दूर वर्णित किया है लेकिन उनके मन में उनकी और उनके घर की तस्वीर है। वह कहती हैं कि घर में पूरी तरह सन्नाटा और अंधेरा छा जाएगा। वह सोचती है कि किताबों के बीच सांप घूम रहे होंगे।

वह बचपन में इतनी छोटी थी कि उस समय वह उन किताबों को नहीं पढ़ सकती थीऔर अब वह उन्हें पढ़ भी नहीं सकती। कवयित्री वहाँ जाकर खिड़की से देखना चाहती है। वह ठंडी हवा को महसूस करती है और कल्पना करती है कि कुत्ता उसके बेडरूम के दरवाजे के पीछे खड़ा है। उनका कहना है कि किसी को विश्वास नहीं हो रहा है कि वह उस घर में रहती थींलेकिन उन्हें इस पर गर्व है। वह कहती है कि उसे अजनबी के दरवाजे पर ऐसा प्यार नहीं मिल सकता। अपनी ही यादों में खो जाती है। तो हम कह सकते हैं कि वह अपनी दादी के घर से बहुत प्यार करती है और वह इसे भूल नहीं सकती।

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'Sweetest Love, I don't Goe' has been composed by John Donne, It is a very beautiful and wonderful poem. In this poem, the poet tells about his love and his beloved. Here the poet says that the person who loves anybody, cannot bear the sense of separation. He says that love teaches us how to live. A man is dull without love. A man has power to do anything when he loves someone. It can make the journey speedier than anything. He knows that death is sure but he wants to be happy. He gives the examples of the sun and feels that he can travel speedier than the sun because he has more wings and motives. He knows that the sun has neither desire nor sense but he has everything. He says that a man becomes weak when his fortune does not favor. He feels his beloved's sighing and weeping. He feels that his life-blood will decay if she keeps on shedding tears. He thinks that he has to die but he wants to become united with each- other and never wants to be parted. He says that love teaches us how to fight and go speedier. Here he uses hyperboles to show his great emotion.

'Song of Myself' is a very beautiful poem. It has been composed by Walt Whitman. In this poem, the poet sings a song and says about life. According to the poet, all are same and all have similarity. He thinks that there is no difference between him and the other person. He says that every person has the same feeling. Every person has the same atom of blood house where she received much love from her grand-mother. Here the poetess remembers her grand-mother's house and her love. She says that now her grand-mother is no more and she is The poet wanders and thinks why persons quarrel with one-another. He is sad to see all quarrelling due to narrow thinking, religious feeling etc. So he is worried. He observes the spear of grass in summer. He says that his body, tongue and every atom of blood have been formed from soil and air. He says that he came after his parents as all come. He is religious minded and he has no consideration of creeds. He wants to reform humanity. He says that there should be communal harmony in society. So we can say that the poet says that life is a beautiful thing. So we should be happy and try to make others happy.

'Now the leaves are falling fast' has been composed by W.H. Auden. In this poem, the poet expressed the frustration inherent in human life. He says that man does not fulfil his all desires but he has to die one day. Here the poet gives the example of falling leaves from the tree. He says that leaves begin to fall fast in the autumn season and the flower will not last long. They will go to the grave. It means that they will decay. It means that their life ended. It shows that life cycle is like the prams that go rolling on. The poet finds the same thing in human life. One day the messenger of death comes and takes us away from the world. According to him, death is sure. So everybody has to die. After death, all go to the grave. White water- fall, mountains etc. look like the travellers in the end of life. So the poet says that in the last stage of life, the old man feels loneliness. He becomes inactive and dies.

'To Autumn' has been composed by John ketas. It is really a very beautiful poem. In this poem, the poet describes the beauty and pleasure of the autumn season. According to the poet, it is a very pleasant season. It is with mists and maturing sun. The trees and plants are with fruit and flowers. Greenery can be seen everywhere. They add beauty in Nature. The grain begins to ripen. Leaves and buds begin to grow in trees. In this season. We can feel neither too hot nor too cold. Wind keeps on blowing. It invites the summer and both make the fruit ready. Birds sing sweet songs and they fill the human-heart with their songs. People are very happy to see the crops, fruit, flower and beautiful scene of Nature. The poet describes the Vines, apple- tree and hazel etc. in this poem. He says that bees hover over flowers. He says that it is not second to spring. He describes swallows, Robin, Cricket etc. also in this poem. He says that really autumn presents a memorable picture of Nature.

'An Epitaph' is a love poem composed by Walter de la Mare. He is known for his sensitive concerns with the world of children Women. This poem is the depiction of the most beautiful lady of the western world. The poet says that nothing is in this world permanent, everything is temporary in this world. One who is born is to die a day. Death spares no body consequently one day the beautiful lady dies. Now she is in her tomb. Nobody remembers her now. Only the poet remembers her. The poet again shows his sense of evanescent of the world by asking the people that who will remember the lady after the death of the poet. Thus, we see that the poet emphasizes the evanescent of the world. And In last we can understand that everything is to end a day even it is a relation, person, thing or everything.

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