A leap towards success, Remember if you are unsucceeded then it never means you are a looser. It implies that you have got the experience to do the same again.

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List of Important Idioms and Phrases Beginning with O

1.On the table- कुछ चर्चा या विचार किया जा रहा है

Meaning: something being discussed or considered

Use: The plan of opening a new branch of SBI in villages is on the table.

2.Once bitten, twice shy-किसी चीज़ को दोबारा करने का डर

Meaning: Afraid of doing a thing again

Use: After he left her she refused to go out with anyone else for a long time - once bitten, twice shy, I suppose.

3.Out of the blue- कुछ अप्रत्याशित

 Meaning: Something unexpected

Use: The result of my exam comes out of the blue, as it is expected after 6 months.

4.Over the hill-इससे पहले की तरह अच्छी तरह से प्रदर्शन कर पाना 

Meaning: Too old to perform as well as before

Use: Some judges who are 80 may be over the hill, but others still have energy galore.

5.Off hand-बिना किसी तैयारी के

 Meaning: Without any preparation

Use: Arjun started the battle with off hand.

6.Off the mark-असंगत

Meaning: Irrelevant, incorrect

Use: Your question in this debate is off the mark.

7.Olive branches-सुलह की पेशकश

Meaning: Offer of reconciliation.

Use: Pakistan walked out with my olive-branch after I realized that victory was not possible anymore

8.Over and above-कुछ के अलावा

Meaning: In addition to something

Use: We spend 1000 rs on movie which is over and above of our budget.

9.On your toes- सावधान

Meaning: Alert

Use: You must be on your toes, if you want success in your exam.

10.Out of hand-अनियंत्रित

Meaning: Uncontrolled

Use: The situation in flooded area is out of hand.

11.On the cuff-उधार पर

Meaning: On credit

Use: He enjoyed his tour more as it was on the cuff.

12.Once in blue moon- शायद ही

 Meaning: Very rarely

Use: He visits his home once in blue moon.

13.On the cards- हो सकता है

Meaning: Possible or likely

Use: Our visits to London is on the on the cards.

14.Off colour- बीमार 

Meaning: Sick

Use: Sandeep is feeling off colour as he was suffering from viral fever.

15.Out and Out- पूरी तरह 

Meaning: Completely

Use: He is lying out and out about his police case.

16.Out of woods- मुश्किल से बहार 

Meaning: Out of problem

Use: After he gives bribe to the officer, he is out of woods.



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