A leap towards success, Remember if you are unsucceeded then it never means you are a looser. It implies that you have got the experience to do the same again.

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List of Important Idioms and Phrases Beginning with F

1.For Good: भविष्य के लिए कुछ छोड़ देना 

Meaning: Forever or permanently

Example: I am leaving for good this time.

2. Few and Far between: कभी - कभार 

Meaning: Not very many or not appearing very frequently

Example: He grew up at a time when jobs were few and far between.

3. Fancy Price: बहुत ऊँची कीमत 

Meaning: Very high price

Example: I have paid a fancy price for this ordinary pen.

4. Flogging a dead horse- व्यर्थ का प्रयास करना 

Meaning: to waste time trying to do something that will not succeed

5. Fish out of water- बेचैन 

Meaning: In bad condition

Example: In the company old men I felt like a fish out of water.

6. Fool 's paradise: मुर्खतापूर्ण अभिलाषाएं 

Meaning: in false wish

Example: If you hope to pass, you are in a fool's paradise

7. Forty winks: झपकी

Meaning: little sleep in day

Example: one likes to enjoy forty winks in summer.

8. Flesh and blood: निकट सम्बन्धी 

Meaning: Human nature, a normal human being

Example: we're going to need some fresh blood if we want to remain a viable company in today's market.

9. Fight tooth and nail: पूरे दम से मुकाबला करना 

Meaning: to use a lot of effort to oppose someone or achieve something

Example: we try tooth and nail to clear SSC Exam.

10. Friend at court: समय पर मदद 

Meaning: Help on time

Example: At the time of my brother's appointment, I found in Ram a friend at court.

11. Face the music: किसी बुरे अनुभव से गुजरना 

Meaning: Go through an unpleasant experience

Example: He was part of an illegal racing gang, and had to face the music when they were busted

12. Feather in one’s cap: कोई उपलब्धि 

Meaning: It means to have an achievement in one’s name.

Example: One does not get chances to add a feather in their cap too often. So the opportunity to do so should be utilized well.

13. Feel under the weather: बीमार महसूस करना 

Meaning: to be ill or feel ill

Example: She has just returned from her vacation, but is feeling under the weather and has a sore throat and running nose.

14. Fit as a fiddle: बहुत स्वस्थ आदमी 

Meaning: A very healthy person

Example: The team had partied late into the night, but on match day, each of them was as fit as a fiddle.

 15. Freudian Slip: बिना सोचे विचारे बोली हुई गलत बात

Meaning: A speaker's unintentional mistake revealing his true thoughts

Example:  The reporter made a Freudian Slip and said "condom" instead of "condemn".


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