You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Not getting any theme of life, anyway the topic for this month is on angel, that tends to come in my dream every night. I dont even know her name i dont even understand from where she comes and where she disappears as i tries to look into her. Each moment when i think of her i feel i am in her soul. Thinking of her is similar to thinking of my day of future and past.
Now i can't say that she is and will be the part of my future but i am sure that those dreams that neal had seen that will come true later or before. Dreams are actually my life lines and it helps me in living my life. i really feel outstanding when i goes to sleep. My dreams have always helped me in making aims and having an amazing feeling of future amd the past.

Few lines for people having pain in his/her relationship.

It was just a mistake of a moment, now that had created no way to the destiny. How can i search her whom i have lost somewhere in my past. How can i bring her back, whom i bring close but i missed her forever. I know that was really a mistake of a moment. Breathing never pretends you to be alive but its making me lifeless everyday.
I can come close to you but someone else is preventing me to come to your close. 


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