You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Friday, February 14, 2014

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Love in an incredible gift of god, everyone is not though lucky to get it. Being in relation is not a big deal, but maintaining this really matters. Everyone can have an awesome beloved, wife, sister, friend or girlfriend. But its fully dependent on the man to maintain it. Love is a part of life and no one can get away from this in any circumstances. There is no cause for which a human loves the other one but its just a feeling that arises in his/her heart. There is no projection in some relation which are made by us, always remember never tare love or feelings because a person never likes the other one with boundaries or limitation. 

Today i will state this to everyone that always be happy whether you are with or without your loved one, because her happiness lies in your happiness. Never leave her alone or let her feel alone whether you are with or without her. Because her loneliness may bring distance between your relation. Never let her cry because crying person bifurcate one day and goes away. I am well known to this this that little fight and anger comes when there are two people but always learn to handle the situation. Because every person have only one earthen lamp with whom he/she is found to live with. Never let the lamp blown off, even though its high wind.
With Be Fond Of . . .
Wishing you a happy valentine day everyday.


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