You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Sitting in my window watching the arrival of black clouds in evening. I am amazed because i really don't even know that from where is he is coming. Its looking some times like black smog rendering in sky and finding something to make his own. Anyway these are clouds who is searching for her rain. He has came from a long journey and brought some water for her beloved. At last he has reached his destination which was miles away from him. Anyway his patience has given him a fruitful gift. He has lastly arrived. Anyway it was the experience which i had that evening with her.
It was approx evening when my phone started ringing and there was smile over my face because it was her call, she greet me for the weather. I was happy because she was feeling so happy. And she asked me that "kash avi tum mere paas hote toh kitna accha rehta" it was her wish, and i love to fulfill her wish because she is my dream queen. I can do anything for her. So i changed my cloth and came out from my home and rushed towards her house. It was 7.25 pm in my clock when i reached near to her house. She was standing in her balcony holding her cell phone in her and hand and the rainwater was sprinkling over my face. As i remember she was wearing a purple suit and her hair was opened. i was partially wet and shivering because it was the second evening after the durga puja. I was standing under the tree and water was falling on me with large shaped drops. Then the called me and i picked up my phone and told "hello". Then her reply was "I LOVE YOU" i was having big smile over my face and i told her her to come down her stairs and then i reached near to her house. I was now half wet because the whole scene was of twenty minutes and now she come close to me and told "Neal you are looking so good" i was in smile and now i hugged her so tight. Now i was feeling her heartbeat because she was so closed to me. I continued hugged her for  five to seven minutes. Instantly she told "You are wet" you will have fever because i was shivering very badly. I an still confused whether that shivering my due to weather or my rain. Anyway we were under the tree which was now poring larger drops and now she was partial wet due to me, her face was full of drops and the flate of hair was in wet so she was looking just awesome. Then i took her
hairlock and forward it over her ears. Now she was a little shamed and her eye was full of love. Then i kisses had oh her lips and and told that i will have to go my home because its going to be night and i will also become ill if i will not go home on time. When i was retuning then she hold my hand from back and told "No, please dont go". Then i smiled and told her that i will never go anywhere because you are my rain and i am your sky. Then she again hugged me so tight and told me to go. Now i saw a white flower on the tree and i plucked it and i put it inside her hair lock. She was so happy because of the moment which we spent together. The had a kiss on my forehead as she love it doing with me and her eyes allowed me to go from her house to my home. While returning i was having lots of beautiful memory and i was i love again with her.
So love be in love with you. Love you.....Rain


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