You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Monday, December 30, 2013

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Love is the feeling that you have for yourself and it does not include sex. But sometime situation varies sometimes sex becomes the part of love, its only because the presence of love is then even in sex. I have seen peoples running away from love but at last what happens its well known to everyone. Even Though running away is worthless because love is part of life you can never get away from it. There are people who are afraid to fall in love as they don't want to get hurt but can you control yourself when the cupids bow hits you? There’s a little space between love and hatred as when you fall in love beside it are pain, tears, suffering that results with hatred. Though i don't generalize it as there are people who will understand and respect the person when they decide to move out of the relationship and they just let their love to the person controls over hatred. Being in love will let you feel that your on the happiest and loneliest moment of your life.
There’s no perfect relationship. It will definitely have a point that you feel that your relationship will crash and that you can’t make it work but then there will be times that you felt your flying or your in heaven being with your love, seeing him/her beside you, seeing how happy she is with you, feeling the love and care their sharing with you. People tend to see their love one’s as their inspiration, as the breath that they take, as their lives, and some will tell that they can't live without them. But can’t you really live without them? I don’t think so! you have lived without them when you haven’t met them or share the special relationship you have with each other and you can do that now that their not around. Your just putting it on your mind and let depression controls you that's why you can’t move on. I do understand that you love the person but you must love more yourself. Life doesn’t end when something like this happened. Heartbreaks are part of life. This are trials or problems that you will encounter for you to learn something. A relationship doesn’t begin and end for nothing. When you fall in love you’ll be happy, enjoy it while its there. Hold it like a baby, hold it like your holding a gold, hold it carefully but not too tight as when you do it will do everything and shows you effort to be free from hold just like the little baby who will cry out loud for you to know that she is irritated from your hold. So hold it gently as you care and you don’t want them to slip away from you hands.


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