You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Monday, September 30, 2013

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I have seen many seasons in my life but this season is the most beautiful i have ever felt, this spring has came with lots of happiness and love in my life. May be for which season i was waiting that has lastly came. Someone has well said said that the season of love and spring are same each other. As lots of flower blooms in nature and the beauty of nature is unexplainable the same my life is as i have ornated with the beauty and fragrance of love. Long ago i was waiting each autumn passed and the winter came but i was always missing the spring. But love says to have patience and total intention of getting it otherwise you may miss each and every season. The seasons were passing as the winter came and it gave me a feeling of shivering, then the summer came it touched my soul and the rain came which made me wet but the autumn never came as she was angry with me. Every year i was waiting but she never came.
One day when my expectancy was going to be end then she she come from by back hag hugged me as i have never expected in my life, i was surprised as my dreams were coming true. Then she come from my frontage and hugged me, i was also waiting for her so i also hugged her and some tears rolled down on my cheek. Then she asked "why are you crying i have came to you and brought lots of love for which you are still waiting. I have seen your patience and lastly i thought that i was doing injustice with him so i break my enactment and came to you to make you complete. My love i was also waiting for you from the time i also don't know. Every spring was worth without you i was loosing my beauty and grace. The gloom and bloom were missing everywhere and the fragrance of love was wanting away. I was feeling alone my life was going to be solite so i came i came to you please hug me more tight that i was missing ever. Please love me as i ever need, never go away and be for me ever.
Lastly spring came and that made me fall in love i cant never forger last spring till the end of live. Love to be in love with you.


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