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Friday, August 30, 2013

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There is no limit no boundation and no prediction in a relation. It is as the flow of water which always flows from ups to down. Some relation which starts from a friendship and it changes into a deep relation without which the survival is really impossible. My opinion says that even a small bound can be converted into a special in-frangible relation. There may be many odds and evens regarding the relation but it is really incomprehensible and inexplicable topic. As i have experienced from my life it is just like a thunderstorm before whose arrival the nature becomes so calm and silent but after the time when the storm comes it wipes out all the area which much be possible to ruin. So it is most important to maintain a relation. I know there are lots of need and demand in a relation but it doesn't matters how much you can full fill the needs but if you are not capable then you are not the person who is really perfect for the one with whom you are with. But if you are not capable in fulfilling or desire of the person then you must change your heed and cogitation, though the person loves you so demands you.
Sometimes we have lots of demand from the beloved one and if he/she understands you then he/she we never intermit you. Understand the beloved one really matters for oneself but its only like finding a needle in haystack. Sometimes which seems it doesn't happens. Relation are really an unexpected part of life one should always learn to maintain it otherwise its chance to miss it forever. Maintain a relation doesn't means that you should be with her always or love her alot it means that you must love her care her and give her all the happiness she just need. Sometimes its not possible to live together for every time because there are lots of things to do then at that time everyone should understand the problem, a relation can go to ruin only due to misunderstanding and discrepancy. 


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