You are never alone because your breath is always with you. No one lives alone forever because there is someone present who can hold your hand say, lets go.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Did you know who i am, i am NEAL the color of you life. You know i am always with you holding your hand tight. I know now you are not looking at me, but you are feeling me every instant. The time when you look at sky you looks me, the time when you touch the water you feel me, the time when you feel the air you feel as it has came touching me. Sometime you feels lonely but i request you never live alone, never be upset, never feel yourself that you are alone. Because i am just like fragrance of your life which has emerged inside your breath. 
           As you deep inhale with close eyes, you just feel i am hugging you tight and you have kept your head on my heart and having the life breath. Whenever you annoy from me and looks outward and holding my hand i know you are having a coy smile with false anger. I know you loves me more that me, then also i say i love you more than you loves me. But i fact we love each other more than one another. My RAINY CLOUD is so beautiful when she sprinkles the rain on me i feel i am luckless person of this world. I want to feel the rain, storm, lightning, tornado, waterspout, blizzard forever for my life. As it is Love, Annoy, Anger, Excess love, and Care. Though i am the sky and you are the cloud we must be with us forever. And i wish to be with you forever and ever and i know you will always be with me till the end of our life. I also know you will fulfill my all dreams as they are thousands or millions. My life, soul, feeling, tears and anger all are yours i will always love you like this, never depart from you at any circumstances and i wish you to be same. Feeling you every moment. And loving you so much.

“SKY” is incomplete without the “BLUE”, “BLUE” is incomplete without “RAIN”, “RAIN” is incomplete without “CLOUD” and “CLOUD” is incomplete without “NEAL” and “NEAL” is incomplete without “YOU”.
So i


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